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The leading experts, Professor Martine Remy-Jardin, Professor Grenier and Dr. Dorin Comaniciu (VP Artificial Intelligence at Siemens Healthineers), illustrated three different accesses during the ECR 2020 symposium on the topic of “The future of lung disease assessment: How a global pandemic, international collaboration and rapid AI development are creating a ‘new normal’”. The symposium was recorded at this year’s digital European Congress of Radiology 2020.

The three guests gave insights on:

  • Interstitial lung diseases (ILD): from visual analysis of CT scans to quantitative CT approaches (Professor Martine Remy-Jardin)
  • Chest CT in COVID-19 Pneumonia: Automatic Quantification versus Visual Assessment by Radiologists (Professor Philippe Grenier)
  • AI COVID-19 – Joint efforts towards precision medicine (Dr. Dorin Comaniciu)

In the discussion, they also talked about the questions:

  • Would AI be able to increase the accuracy of diagnosing COVID-19 cases via radiological tools?
  • What is most useful to discriminate between COVID-19 and other infectious diseases?
  • Does the geographical origin of the patients whose images were used to train algorithms affect the general applicability of the results of the algorithm?

Watch the whole video including the discussion here.

Additionally, the scientific paper “Automated Quantification of CT Patterns Associated with COVID-19 from Chest CT” was recently published on the website. Find the download link here.

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