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Case study on “Digitalizing healthcare” trends, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit

Healthcare systems are increasingly seeing a role for medical imaging with CTs or chest x-rays, in the diagnosis of COVID-19. Together with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted interpretation, medical imaging can help clinicians to diagnose patients more quickly as well as manage them more appropriately.

Learn more about the benefits and details of medical imaging for the diagnosis of COVID-19, the potential of AI-assisted image interpretation and the steps to take to develop AI algorithms. This case study also looks at data-sharing initiatives and cross-institutional projects on the way, working towards a diagnostic support tool for COVID-19 based on a chest CT scan.

This article is part of a series that presents original insights and best practices based on exclusive research and interviews with global healthcare leaders, prepared and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Read the full article and case study here.

According to US FDA, only in vitro diagnostic testing is currently the definitive method to diagnose COVID-19.

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