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The average radiologist has to interpret one image every 3 to 4 seconds in order to keep up with their demanding workload, with imaging volumes growing at a disproportionate rate to the increase in imaging utilization according to a recent study [1]. The mountains of medical imaging data being created today pose an enormous challenge to radiology departments, but also a unique opportunity for physicians to adopt solutions that will augment their existing workflow and free up their time to take on more specialized roles within their profession.

Aidoc is revolutionizing the radiology workflow by providing the most advanced solutions to increase efficiency and expedite patient care. Its solutions reduce turnaround time and increase quality by flagging acute anomalies in real time. Radiologists can benefit from state-of-the-art deep learning technology that is ‘Always-on’, running behind the scenes, freeing them to focus on the diagnosis itself. Aidoc’s healthcare-grade deep learning algorithms benefit from large quantities of data, making their solutions the most comprehensive in the field, enabling them to provide diagnostic aid to the broadest set of pathologies.

Aidoc’s “Always-on” AI is a breakthrough achievement that symbolizes AI becoming a standard of care for radiologists. (To read more about this, check out Aidoc’s CEO’s post on the Aidoc blog.) Contrary to the prevailing “On-Demand AI” – where a doctor has to request the intervention of the AI solution – “Always-on AI” works in the background to notify radiologists of urgent cases that require their attention. To quote a Chairman of radiology at a leading site “I will say, knowing that Aidoc is running in the background, I feel like I have an extra set of eyes reviewing the case for subtle findings”.

At ECR 2019, Aidoc will be showcasing their full-body solution that prioritizes intracranial hemorrhages, c-spine fractures*, segmental PE*, intra-abdominal free air and rib fractures**. They will also introduce their new additions to their suite of AI-based workflow efficiency solutions (under clinical testing) – oncology measurement and comparison and an acute chest X-ray solution.

The diagnostic performance of Aidoc’s PE and Intracranial Hemorrhage solutions will be presented in scientific sessions at ECR 2019.

Aidoc’s CEO, Elad Walach, will be participating in an exciting panel in the AI exhibition on Thursday the 28th of February at 14:30 – ‘From research to clinical validation of AI: one small step’. To learn more or try out Aidoc’s Always-on AI, be sure to visit them at the Artificial Intelligence Exhibition at ECR 2019 – Booth AI-02 on level X1.

[1] McDonald RJ, Schwartz KM, Eckel LJ et al. (2015) The effects of changes in utilization and technological advancements of cross-sectional imaging on radiologist workload. Acad Radiol 22:1191-1198

Intracranial hemorrhage – CE marked, FDA cleared
*C-Spine – CE marked, investigational device, limited by United States law to investigational use
**PE, free air, rib fractures – investigational device, limited by United States and EU law to investigational use


* Contents provided by Aidoc and adapted by the ESR office

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