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UPDATE: Live streaming is available for this event – free of charge. Registration is open here.

Whether you are a beginner or expert on the topic Artificial Intelligence (AI), a name you should be familiar with is Toby Walsh. Named as one of the 100 rock stars of Australia’s digital revolution by The Australian newspaper, Professor Walsh has certainly made his mark on the world of AI.

When it comes to AI, Professor Walsh is a regular face in the media, appearing on various TV and radio programs, including ABC, BBC, CNN, RT, and many more. He also contributes to several print and online media, such as New Scientist, American Scientist, and Cosmos, and often gives talks on the topic at conferences (DLD Conference) and speaking events (TEDx Talks). Furthermore, Professor Walsh is the author of two books, covering the history and future of AI in “It’s Alive!: Artificial Intelligence from the Logic Piano to Killer Robots”, to the potential impact it will have on our society, as seen in “2062: The World that AI Made”. In addition to Professor Walsh’s appearances across various forms of media, he is also the recipient of several accolades, including the prestigious Humboldt Prize, which he received in the field of Computer Science in 2014, as well as being elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2016.

Given his extensive knowledge and expertise on the hot topic of AI, the European School of Radiology (ESOR) is honoured and privileged to have Professor Walsh give the keynote lecture at the upcoming event: Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging. The Perfect Vision of AI, which will take place on April 5-6 in Barcelona, Spain. In his keynote lecture, Professor Walsh will dive into AI within the field of radiology, taking a more realistic view of the impact AI will have, as well as the advantages that AI can provide for radiologists. This fascinating lecture will be followed by a panel discussion, in which Professor Walsh will join a group of respected professors and doctors of radiology, exploring the future of radiology and radiologists.

Walsh is currently Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW, works at Data61 leading the Algorithmic Decision Theory group (formerly known as Australia’s Centre of Excellence for ICT Research) and is a guest professor at TU Berlin, and formerly held research positions across Europe.

Registration for Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging. The Perfect Vision of AI is open – more info at

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