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In just two weeks, radiologists, researchers, organizations, and industry representatives from over 130 countries will arrive in Vienna, Austria to take part in the 32nd annual European Congress on Radiology. Although ECR 2020 will feature a plethora of fascinating sessions, lectures, and talks, our particular area of interest here at the AI blog is, of course, artificial intelligence. Last year’s congress saw the successful debut of The Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AIX), which will nearly double in size for ECR 2020.

AIX will play host to industry representatives, keynote lectures, and panel discussions, featuring topics such as “Human-computer interaction and AI” (Fockie Cnossen), “How to train radiologists and related professionals in AI?” (Bibb Allen, Emanuele Neri, Peter van Ooijen, Albert Pons, Federica Zanca), and “The hype of AI: risks of rapidly implementing radiological AI” (Sergey Morozov).

In addition to the high-quality selection of speakers, innovative companies from around the globe will be exhibiting their latest technology and healthcare solutions, which will be open to all ECR 2020 attendees. Check out the full list of companies exhibiting at AIX by clicking here.

Following ECR 2020, we will highlight several of the keynote lectures and panel discussions right here on the AI blog, with recaps of the sessions, as well as a selection of short interviews with lecturers, panellists, and audience members. One thing is for sure: the Artificial Intelligence Exhibition Theatre (AIXT) is not to be missed! You can find the programme of the AIXT here.


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