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This week marks the first in-person meeting of the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology (ESCR) in two years, which will take place in the heart of the “Eternal City” of Rome, Italy.

As stated by ESCR 2022 Congress Presidents Profs. Marco Francone and Luigi Natale, “The scientific programme will include educational lectures and round tables on issues of major current interest and controversy and will reserve a wide space to the practical aspects through the organization of hands-on workshops”, which will be sure to educate and impress those in attendance. Congress-goers will have plenty in store as they hop from lecture to lecture, and workshop to workshop. However, here at the AI blog, we have a specific interest in all things artificial intelligence, from deep learning to radiomics. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the AI-related sessions you’ll enjoy at ESCR 2022!

On Thursday, October 27th at 11:45 AM, “High risk coronary plaque features are common in a general population examined with cardiac computed tomography angiography: results from an annotated dataset designed for deep learning” (E. Fagman, Gothenburg/SE) will take place during the session “Selected Oral Presentations I: Atherosclerosis and Ischemic Heart Disease”.

Next, on day two of ESCR 2022, there will be two sessions focusing on AI. Starting at 2:30 PM in the session “Selected Oral Presentations II: Non-Ischemic Heart Disease and Cardiomyopathies”, attendees can visit “Special Focus Presentation: Comprehensive Analysis of Coronary CT angiography using multiple Deep Learning Models” (J.-F. Paul, Paris/FR), which will kick off the oral presentations. During the same session, the speakers will also touch on radiomics with “Reproducibility of radiomics features extracted from late gadolinium enhancement imaging in patients with acute myocarditis” (C. Monti, Milan/IT).

Finally, on Saturday, October 29th, you will have the opportunity to experience two speakers focusing on the topics of deep learning and AI in coronary artery disease detection. The first session, entitled “CT Functional Imaging – ‘Ars aemula naturae’ Advanced” will feature the lecture “CT Fractional Flow-Reserve assessed with Computational Flow Dynamics and Deep-Learning Tools” (G. Pontone, Milan/IT). Then, later in the day at 4:50 PM during the session “Cardiovascular Prevention and Life-Style: Evidence for Clinical Practice and Imaging Insight – ‘Plenus venter facile de ieiuniis disputat'”, the lecture “AI-Based Coronary Artery Disease Detection and Prediction: Fortune Telling or Toy Horse?” (T. Leiner, Rochester/US) will take place.

Will you be visiting ESCR 2022 this year? If so, leave a comment below on your experience after the congress!

For more information about ESCR 2022, click here.

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