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The goal of this study was to develop and authenticate an MRI-based radiomics strategy for the preoperative estimation of pathological grade in bladder cancer (BCa) tumors. The obtained radiomic features were evaluated for diagnostic abilities using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis and compared using the DeLong test. The authors then performed validation using 30 consecutive patients and were able to prove that the MRI-based multiparametric radiomics approach could be used as a noninvasive imaging tool for preoperative grading of BCa tumors. For more evidence of its clinical application, further multicenter validation is suggested.

Key points

  • Multiparametric MRI may help in the preoperative grading of BCa tumors.
  • The Joint_Model established from T2WI, DWI, and ADC feature subsets demonstrated a high diagnostic accuracy for preoperative prediction of pathological grade in BCa tumors.
  • The radiomics approach has the potential to preoperatively assess tumor grades in BCa and avoid subjectivity.

Article: Radiomics analysis of multiparametric MRI for the preoperative evaluation of pathological grade in bladder cancer tumors

Authors: Huanjun Wang, Daokun Hu, Haohua Yao, Maodong Chen, Shurong Li, Haolin Chen, Junhang Luo, Yanqiu Feng, Yan Guo

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