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The field of medical imaging has witnessed a revolution thanks to the digital transformation, innovation and availability of advanced clinical applications. New imaging techniques are helping radiologists, oncologists, and other diagnosticians with greater anatomical and clinical details, highlighting the need for fast access to imaging reports and results, evidence-based collaborative peer review and collaboration, and predictive intelligence.

A pioneer in digital imaging since the 1990s, Agfa HealthCare has transformed to focus 100% on health IT. Proven portfolio includes Enterprise Imaging, Integrated Care and Electronic Health Records solutions that complement each other to support quality care and intelligent decision-making. Agfa HealthCare provides an innovative response to siloed care systems, creating a scalable ecosystem as providers move from ‘intra’ to ‘interdisciplinary’ care delivery.

Agfa HealthCare’s approach of building an ecosystem of Augmented Intelligence powered by Machine Learning, Cognitive Reasoning and workflow automation engine will help enable delivery of innovative solutions to enhance care delivery. The Enterprise Imaging platform is standards-based, designed for interoperability and enables a leading-edge approach to seamlessly embedded machine learning algorithms.

What is Augmented Intelligence?
Augmented Intelligence is the intersection of machine learning and advanced applications, where clinical knowledge and medical data converge on a single platform. The potential benefits of Augmented Intelligence are realized when it is used in the context of workflows and systems with which healthcare practitioners interact. Unlike Artificial Intelligence, which tries to replicate human intelligence, Augmented Intelligence works with and amplifies human intelligence.

Agfa HealthCare model to support success of Enterprise Imaging enabled AI strategy:

1. Data Management & Consolidation: Purpose built platform to help remove imaging data silos and build a data rich lake

2. Clinical Enablement powered by Workflow Automation: By leveraging Agfa’s advanced task-based rules engine, providers can reduce repetitive tasks for radiologists

3. Visual Health: Tools for real-time communication and collaboration for fast and secure peer-to -peer interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, and informed decision-making generated by evidence-based machine learning and AI

4. Diagnostic Intelligence: With tools embedded into desktops and mobile devices, radiologists and diagnosticians will have on-the-go access to critical notifications and analytical intelligence

5. Personalized Medicine: By consolidating image analysis, a rich data lake becomes available for machine learning algorithms to enable an Augmented Intelligence strategy, helping advance the delivery of evidence-based personalized care and achieve personalized care and precision health

Radiologists around the globe rely on Agfa HealthCare’s unified Enterprise Imaging platform to improve efficiency, achieve positive clinical outcomes, and to support the operational and financial well-being of their healthcare enterprise.

Best of Breed Enterprise Imaging platform – The foundation for Machine Learning and AI
The Enterprise Imaging platform serves as the foundation to enable machine learning and evidence-based Augmented Intelligence. The platform serves as the intersection of machine learning and advanced applications, where clinical knowledge and medical data converge on a single platform. The potential benefits of Augmented Intelligence are realized when it is used in the context of workflows and systems with which healthcare practitioners interact. Unlike Artificial Intelligence, which tries to replace human intelligence, Agfa HealthCare will demonstrate how Augmented Intelligence works with and amplifies human intelligence.

During discussions with senior radiologists and diagnosticians, we witnessed consensus regarding the clinical application of AI to help address screening challenges associated with pressing healthcare problems that include cancers, chronic chest diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, neurological disorders, cardiac conditions and detection of various other clinical conditions. When it comes to oncology, our respondents discussed the significance of AI not only for initial diagnosis, but also for follow-up after the treatment in helping track the potential recurrence.

Precision Health and Personalized Care powered by Radiology
Care organizations and health authorities across the globe are faced with pressing population health challenges. Whether it comes to detecting cancers, or chronic diseases, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics will help improve radiologists and diagnosticians to focus less on manual repetitive tasks and more on improving care pathways. By aggregating clinically relevant information out of disparate information systems and presenting them in a meaningful way to better inform clinical judgment, electronic medical records will add value for radiologists, and will be a major step towards precision health thanks to radiology coming out of a siloed department and deliver evidence-based clinical opinion.

As we breakdown silos of imaging workflows and enable multidisciplinary consolidation and collaboration, the power of a consolidated platform results in creation of a vast data lake, ready for analysis by radiologists, diagnosticians, researchers and academics to help improve quality of care by better understanding disease and population health data. This helps care organizations progress from descriptive to predictive analytics models, to improve early detection of diseases, and care pathway focused care coordination models to help improve patient engagement and compliance.

Designed for Efficiency, Mobility and Quality Care on a Secure Platform
Agfa HealthCare’s modern Enterprise Imaging platform not only removes traditional barriers to medical imaging, but also enables multispecialty care team collaboration and enhanced cross platform mobility. Radiologists and clinicians engaged in academic research will realize more benefits with an Enterprise Imaging solution that helps foster real-time peer-to-peer collaborative engagement between clinical and research teams, within or outside the Enterprise, in compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Visit Agfa HealthCare at ECR 2019 to see Best of Breed and Native AI in action
Agfa HealthCare has been embedding image analysis and workflow automation for many years in its Radiology PACS. Now, with the latest Enterprise Imaging platform, Agfa HealthCare is completing advance testing and validation of clinical uses of AI and Machine Learning by focusing on measurable KPIs, case studies and outcomes. Agfa HealthCare will be showcasing smart apps and AI enabled workflows for chronic disease screening via Chest X-rays, Lung Nodule detection and analysis, Breast Imaging AI and other native and best of breed AI applications.

ECR 2019, booth # 403 in Expo Hall X4 or ECR AIX Experience Area in Expo Hall X1,



* Contents provided by Agfa HealthCare and adapted by the ESR office

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