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This week in artificial intelligence (AI) news, we take a look at the human brain as a model for AI networks and programs, an overview of machine learning and how it’s being implemented across several industries, and a brewery from Bend, Oregon using AI and machine learning to brew beer.

One would believe that the best model for artificial intelligence would be the human brain. But is this really the ideal model on which to base AI programs and networks? In this article from, Kelly Clancy, a neuroscientist at University College London, dives into the development and evolution of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and more, in relation to the human brain.

“What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” This may be true for war, as Edwin Starr sang in 1970, but not so much for machine learning, Tom Taulli shows in his article for Machine learning algorithms are being utilised across several industries, including healthcare and entertainment, and in apps used in everyday life, like Uber and Lyft. But one must first familiarise themselves with machine learning. What exactly is it? As Taulli explains, “It’s actually a subset of AI. Machine learning is a method of analysing data using an analytical model that is built automatically, or ‘learned’, from training data.” Machine learning tools allow the user to sift through, analyse, and learn from large sets of data, which is not only efficient but can also be cost-saving, in many cases. Read more on this overview of machine learning and its applications by clicking here.

Brewing has been around for thousands of years, with some of the first traces of the process dating back to ancient Babylonia. Although the foundation of brewing has remained more or less the same, the processes and developments have evolved along with the creativity of the brewers and technology. So, it only makes sense that some breweries are making use of artificial intelligence. Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon is one of these breweries. The Brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery, Brian Faivre, has his roots in this area, having majored in computer science during his Bachelor’s degree, so AI and machine learning seemed like a natural idea to implement, helping in areas such as fermentation times and measurements. Read more about how this brewery is using machine learning to create a more efficient brewing process and some high-quality beer in this article from

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