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The authors of this study investigated whether radiomics based on T2-weighted MRI was able to discriminate between benign and borderline epithelial ovarian tumors (EOTs) preoperatively. They were able to show that it can provide critical diagnostic information in the discrimination between benign and borderline EOTs, showing that there is potential to aid personalized treatment options.

Key points

  • T2-weighted MRI-based radiomics could preoperatively discriminate benign and borderline EOTs.
  • Radiomics combined with clinical/radiological characteristics help differentiate benign and borderline EOTs.
  • Different machine learning algorithms had different diagnostic performances.

Article: T2-weighted MRI-based radiomics for discriminating between benign and borderline epithelial ovarian tumors: a multicenter study

Authors: Mingxiang Wei, Yu Zhang, Genji Bai, Cong Ding, Haimin Xu, Yao Dai, Shuangqing Chen & Hong Wang

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