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Fear of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over jobs is a view one would think stakeholders would have in the field of radiology, but the authors of this study found that this was not the case. In this review, commentaries, surveys, abstracts, narrative reviews, and a social media study were included from over 60 eligible publications, representing the views of radiologists, surgeons, medical students, patients, computer scientists, and the general public. The results showed a positive association with AI, including the view that AI can improve the practice of radiology, with a low likelihood of replacing radiologists. However, most stakeholders stated the importance of education and training on AI, as well as the need for collaboration in order to improve AI implementation.

Key points

  • Stakeholders generally expressed that AI alone cannot be used to replace radiologists. The scope of practice is expected to shift with AI use affecting areas from image interpretation to patient care.
  • Patients and the general public do not know how to address potential errors made by AI systems while radiologists believe that they should be “in-the-loop” in terms of responsibility. Ethical accountability strategies must be developed across governance levels.
  • Students, residents, and radiologists believe that there is a lack in AI education during medical school and residency. The radiology community should work with IT specialists to ensure that AI technology benefits their work and centres patients.

Article: Stakeholders’ perspectives on the future of artificial intelligence in radiology: a scoping review

Authors: Ling Yang, Ioana Cezara Ene, Reza Arabi Belaghi, David Koff, Nina Stein & Pasqualina (Lina) Santaguida

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