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This literature review summarizes the current status and evaluates the scientific reporting quality of radiomics research in the prediction of treatment response in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The authors performed this literature review through a comprehensive literature search using the PubMed database, screening a total of 178 articles for eligibility.

Key points

  • The included studies reported several promising radiomic markers of treatment response in lung cancer; however, there was a lack of reproducibility between studies.
  • Quality assessment using the radiomics quality score (RQS) demonstrated a low median total score of + 2.5 (range − 5 to + 9).
  • Future radiomics research should focus on implementation of standardised radiomics features and software, together with external validation in a prospective setting.

Article: Radiomics in predicting treatment response in non-small-cell lung cancer: current status, challenges and future perspectives

Authors: Madhurima R. Chetan & Fergus V. Gleeson

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