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Because the early detection of dysthyroid optic neuropathy (DON) is of the utmost importance for clinical decision-making, the authors of this study aimed to determine the feasibility of using an optic-nerve-based radiomics nomogram on water-fat imaging for its detection. It was found that the optic-nerve-based radiomics nomogram displayed better diagnostic performance when compared to conventional MRI evaluation.

Key points

  • Radiomics analysis of the optic-nerve on the water-fat imaging has the ability to predict DON patients.
  • Radiomics nomogram of the optic-nerve performed better than conventional MRI evaluation.
  • The features of the optic-nerve may deserve more consideration in predicting DON in the future.

Article: Radiomics analysis of the optic nerve for detecting dysthyroid optic neuropathy, based on water-fat imaging

Authors: Hongyu Wu, Ban Luo, Yali Zhao, Gang Yuan, Qiuxia Wang, Ping Liu, Linhan Zhai, Wenzhi Lv & Jing Zhang

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