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Due to the high radiosensitivity of the fetus and embryo, diagnostic imaging procedures for pregnant patients raise health concerns. Therefore, the authors of this work set out to develop a methodology for automated construction of patient-specific computational phantoms based on actual patient CT images with the aim of achieving accurate estimate of conceptus dose.

Key points

  • The conceptus dose during diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine imaging procedures for pregnant patients raises health concerns owing to the high radiosensitivity of the developing embryo/fetus.
  • The proposed methodology allows automated construction of realistic computational models that can be exploited to estimate patient-specific organ radiation doses from radiological imaging procedures.
  • The dosimetric results can be used for the risk-benefit analysis of radiation hazards to conceptus from diagnostic imaging procedures, thus guiding the decision-making process.

Article: Estimation of the radiation dose in pregnancy: an automated patient-specific model using convolutional neural network

Authors: Tianwu Xie and Habib Zaidi

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