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The aim of this study, consisting of a population of 55 patients who underwent two repeat contrast-enhanced abdominal MRI exams within 1 month, was to assess the precision of MRI radiomics features in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tumors and liver parenchyma. The authors determined that MRI radiomics features have acceptable repeatability in the liver and HCC when using the same MRI system.

Key points

  • MRI radiomics features have acceptable repeatability when using the same MRI system but less reproducible when using different MRI platforms.
  • MRI radiomics features extracted from T1 weighted-imaging show greater stability across exams than T2 weighted-imaging and ADC.
  • Inter-observer reproducibility of MRI radiomics features was found to be good in HCC tumors and acceptable in liver parenchyma.

Article: Precision of MRI radiomics features in the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma

Authors: Guillermo Carbonell, Paul Kennedy, Octavia Bane, Ammar Kirmani, Maria El Homsi, Daniel Stocker, Daniela Said, Pritam Mukherjee, Olivier Gevaert, Sara Lewis, Stefanie Hectors & Bachir Taouli

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