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In this study, the authors aimed to develop and validate a patient questionnaire on the patients’ view on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. Six domains from a previous study were used to develop the patient questionnaire. The questionnaire explored accountability, distrust, personal interaction, and efficiency, among other areas.

Key points

  • Although AI systems are increasingly developed, not much is known about patients’ views on AI in radiology.
  • Since it is important that newly developed questionnaires are adequately tested and validated, we did so for a questionnaire measuring patients’ views on AI in radiology, revealing five factors.
  • Successful implementation of AI in radiology requires assessment of social factors such as subjective norms towards the technology.

Article: Patients’ views on the implementation of artificial intelligence in radiology: development and validation of a standardized questionnaire

Authors: Yfke P. Ongena, Marieke Haan, Derya Yakar & Thomas C. Kwee

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