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The authors of this article have highlighted the importance of promoting reconciliation between artificial intelligence (AI) developers and radiologists to reap the maximum benefit of integrating AI into diagnostic imaging. The authors have further suggested that educating current and aspiring radiologists about the present state of AI, its strengths, and challenges associated with their implementation will help them relieve their fear of being replaced by AI and allow them to reshape their knowledge to adapt to future requirements. Lastly, they have provided certain recommendations on how future doctors and scientists can get involved in AI-integrated diagnostic imaging taking into account the benefits this would bring.

Key points

  • The current limitations of AI have made it less likely to be able to replace radiologists. Thus, both parties need to establish a symbiotic relationship to achieve optimal outcomes.
  • The role of the radiologist may change in a potential AI-integrated radiology practice.
  • Aspiring radiologists and researchers need to get the relevant knowledge to play an active role in improving patient care.

Article: Integrating artificial intelligence into radiology practice: undergraduate students’ perspective

Authors: Arosh S. Perera Molligoda Arachchige, Afanasy Svet

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