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This study aimed to assess whether MRI radiomics can categorize ovarian masses and to determine the association between MRI radiomics and survival among ovarian epithelial cancer patients. The authors evaluated the diagnostic performance of the signatures derived from MRI radiomics in 286 patients with proven adnexal tumor. The study results suggest a correlation between radiomics features extracted from MRI and OEC classification and prognosis of patients.

Key points

  • The MRI radiomics model could achieve a higher accuracy in discriminating benign ovarian diseases from malignancies.
  • Low-high-high short-run high gray-level emphasis, low-low-high variance from coronal T2WI, and eccentricity from axial T1WI had the best performance outcomes in various classification tasks.
  • The ovarian cancer patients with high-risk scores had poor prognosis.

Article: Magnetic resonance imaging radiomics in categorizing ovarian masses and predicting clinical outcome: a preliminary study

Authors: He Zhang, Yunfei Mao, Xiaojun Chen, Guoqing Wu, Xuefen Liu, Peng Zhang, Yu Bai, Pengcong Lu, Weigen Yao, Yuanyuan Wang, Jinhua Yu, Guofu Zhang

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