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The goal of this study was to test if using AVERT™ (a 33-point semi-automated program developed for VF diagnosis in adults) is better for morphometric vertebral fracture (VF) diagnosis in children than using SpineAnalyzer™, a 6-point program which has previously been shown to be of insufficient accuracy. The authors were able to conclude that, although VERT™ has slightly higher accuracy when compared with SpineAnalyzer™, neither software program is reliable enough for VF diagnosis in children.

Key points:

  • SpineAnalyzer™ and AVERT™ have low diagnostic accuracy and observer agreement when compared to three paediatric radiologists’ readings for the diagnosis of vertebral fractures (VF) in children.
  • Neither AVERT™ nor SpineAnalyzer™ is satisfactorily reliable for VF diagnosis in children.
  • Development of specific paediatric software and normative values (incorporating age-related physiological variation in children) is required.

Article: Are semi-automated software programs designed for adults accurate for the identification of vertebral fractures in children?

Authors: Fawaz F. Alqahtani, Fabrizio Messina, Amaka C. Offiah

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